25 January 2012

Time Flies

We leave for China tomorrow, following a semester at home. It doesn't seem like we've been back in Houston for five months, but then as our five year pictures remind us, it doesn't seem like we've been married for 35 years either. 
We started our family photo tradition in 1981 when Nils was 5 and Britta was 3.  
 And we've expanded from 4 to 10.
These figurines our Chinese students gave us are a reminder it's time to get up and move on.

12 January 2012

January Road Trip

The blogger has resumed after a semester break, hitting the road to Arkansas and North Carolina.
Bentonville, AR, corporate headquarters of Walmart.
And the newly opened Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art http://crystalbridges.org/. This tree sculpture is the entry to the museum.
The architecture is worth the visit; this is the "11" cafeteria as it opened 11/11/11.
And we were on the first guided tour of the museum ... 
where the collection ranges from Colonial to Contemporary.
We stayed until dark in America's newest art museum.
And then to Fayetteville, NC to visit our Chinese students who are now studying in the US. We return to China in a couple of weeks for another year of teaching.