26 August 2012

Summer vacation

We came back home from China for summer vacation in July and August.
We met up with our son Nils and his two daughters for a visit to the zoo.
After a couple weeks in Houston we flew up to Canada to visit family and friends in Alberta and BC. The Dunvegan bridge opened up the Peace River country to easier highway access in 1960, at the site of a historic fur trade fort from the time when rivers were the highways.
Back from Canada we went straight to the beach at Galveston for a one-week vacation with our daughter Britta and her family.
And then the China two-step -- Britta and Kendall flew to Hong Kong and left us in charge of the girls. We took them to church in the rain, and ...
 ... did some gardening with them before passing the torch to the other grandparents when we head back to China to connect with Britta and Kendall for a couple days before they head home.
So even as the sun rises on the Galveston beach it is setting in China, and we think of the daybreak of our new semester teaching at Qinzhou University, even as we plan for the end of our China career in 2013.