16 June 2012

Street & Beach

Summer is here; days are either wet or hot and sometimes both.
 Lots of Durian in the market, a fruit known for its size, odor, and thorn covered husk.
 Moms and kids out shopping.
 At San Naing Wan beach, ready to see the dolphins. 
 We loaded up in boats and raced out to the bay to watch frolicking dolphins.
 Harvesting tiny oysters, which we ate at lunch.

09 June 2012

When I'm 64

Last week we celebrated two events -- the end of our co-teaching and Daniel's birthday.
 Here's our great group of colleagues.
While we're the foreign English teachers, most English classes are of course taught by Chinese teachers. We co-taught everything from western etiquette to intensive reading ...
 ... from English majors to geography majors. 

And then it was time for birthday cake, appropropriately decorate with a crane and peaches for longevity and prosperity.

Here's the birthday boy surrounded by his gifts ... flowers, pottery, Chinese knots, and a large disc of tea.

02 June 2012


There are lots of interesting faces here.
This is a local general; you can see his house has cloud designs on the roof, indicating his status.

And these are the faces of our Foreign Language Department at the recent university choir contest. Everyone gets a matching shirt/dress and sing either folk or patriotic numbers. Our choir came in second!
David, our Spanish-teacher colleague, with two women from the local TV station; we had camero roles as his foreign friends.
For only $12 you can get a wax model made, so Daniel had to try it. 
So this is what he'll look like when he's bald.

Now on with the hair. 
And voila! There he is, preserved on his 64 year.