05 July 2010

Wrap: two months, 10,000 miles

On July 3 we returned to Houston after two months and 10,000 miles on the road. We spent our last day of visiting with friends in California, people we'd gone to college with in the 1960's. Then 3 days of dedicated driving got us home -- we were READY for that. John and Roza are adopting two girls who made pancakes for our breakfast in Sunnyvale.
We drove around the Bay for dinner -- Daniel and Harry were in Physics together at U of A in the 1960's.
Texas has the best highway rest stops, especially since some other states have reacted to the economic downturn by closing theirs. We did some long drives, so we really appreciated the chance to stretch our legs, Fritz included.
Home again! Britta brought 9-month-old Annette to see us the morning after we arrived, what a big girl from the little one we kissed farewell at the outset.
I did a final update to the map of our travels, see http://persjohn.net/DTJbl/trip2010.png. May 3 to July 3, two months and 10,000 miles through memorable places and visits with family and friends.