12 September 2010

Home sweet home

So far we've said what we're doing but not much about where we live, which is now feeling like home, sweet home. Our home in Baotou is above a row of shops on a busy street -- that's the way we like it, since we're city people. Our front windows are on the 2nd residential floor.
Looking out our front window, across the street is one of the entrance gates of the College where we teach.
Our study has desks for both of us, and for our mascot who guards our library and drying racks.
The bane of our existence here is the bathroom, tiny and with the shower head wired to the bottom of the hot water tank (at least we have a good electric one). There's no shower curtain, the water just runs across the floor to a drain between the sink and the toilet and we have to mop up after.
But the rest of the place is spacious and quite nice. Last Friday was Teacher's Day here and we each got flowers from our students -- we hope they still feel this way when we start giving grades.