10 February 2011

New Year in Hong Kong

Hong Kong bills itself as "Asia's World City," and it's easy to see why.
The Chinese New Year fireworks over Victoria Harbour were spectacular with many number 8's in the sky, especially auspicious since in Chinese "8" sounds similar to the word for wealth and is visually similar to the word for happiness.

Happy Year of the Rabbit.

The air was full of incense and prayers as we followed the throngs visiting one of the Buddhist temples.

And Hong Kong was festive with orange trees covered by red envelopes for money.

A taxi driver told us the hill where we stayed was full of spirits, and we discovered why.

We met up with one of our teaching colleagues and took a walk in the waters of the South China Sea.

 Followed by a great pub lunch of fish and chips.

Leaving Hong Kong for Hanoi.