16 April 2011

Jining and Hohhot

We recently took a long-weekend trip to Jining, a city where two of our Amity colleagues teach, and Hohhot, the capitol of Inner Mongolia. Visitors to Jining must see Tiger Mountain, where the tigers sport gold-painted teeth and nails. Since our Amity colleagues are British, we gave their students a different accent experience.School officials welcomed us at a local Mongolian hot pot restaurant. Rolls of thinly sliced mutton and an assortment of tofu and vegetables are cooked in individual hot pots, and goblets of yogurt complete the banquet.Daniel strikes a pose in front of a Revolutionary statue.Pineapples from the south of China are pealed with delicate designs.The Museum of Inner Mongolia in Hohhot had a wonderful exhibit by a Chinese American painter, Li Zujian.