27 May 2011


The province next door is Shanxi, which is as dry as dust and full of coal mines. We discovered, however, a wonderful collection of ancient Buddhist sights.
Built in 1392, the Nine Dragon screen is the largest glazed-tile wall in China (45m long).
The 5th century Yungang Caves house over 51,000 ancient statues showcasing some of China's most impressive artwork.
Some of the caves contain enormous Buddha statues, the biggest being 17m high (>55 ft). 
Built on the side of a cliff is the Buddhist Hanging Monastery,
where we climbed along rickety catwalks and corridors.
The Huayan Temple, part monastery and part museum, attests to the growth of tourism in the area.
Our travel companions were fellow Amity teachers Alison and Angela and our student Jiao Jiao.