10 March 2012

Trip to the Capital

We recently went to the big city. Nanning, the provincial capital, is an hour and a half bus ride from our place.
Across from the capital building is a large electronic billboard with changing pictures of China's four chairmen: (L to R) Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zeman, and Hu Jintao. The Party is getting ready to appoint a new leader.
A visit to the Guangxi Provincial Museum included this building in the shape of a traditional bronze drum.
This pottery urn from 220 BC is decorated with hundreds of the Chinese character 米 (mi, meaning rice).
We were treated as special visitors by a group of children making paper cutouts, which they gave us as gifts.
We returned with our wallets empty and bags full of imported food. Ah, good stuff.