26 May 2012

Dalu Village

We visited the ancient Dalu Village, a few hours away through rice fields and wandering water buffalo and pigs.
Dalu was built in the 16th Century, Qing Dynasty, as the ancestral home of the Lao Clan. It has good feng shui - including water in front, 300 year old banyan trees in the back, and perfectly laid out rooms. 
The Village is known for couplets on either side of all the doors, renewed each new year.
Grandmother and grandson. It's not unusual for grandparents to raise their grandchildren while the parents go out to work.
The bat (in brown) is a popular symbol on buildings, as the word for bat and the word for good luck have the same sound, fu.
 Local worker taking a break with his home-made water pipe.
 The Village Clinic (Does the satellite dish indicate telemedicine?).
We had lunch at a local farm house. The wood chip-fired stove had a huge wok, and the cook producted an incredible meal ...
 ... green bean soup, corn and pork, bitter melon, pumpkin, pumpkin flower soup, eggs/greens, picked cucumbers, and fresh duck and chicken).
 We dined el fresca and then took pictures with our gracious hosts.
Dessert was freshly picked lychees.