01 November 2012


Halloween is new to most Chinese, so it is a chance for us to teach while having fun with the students.
We started last week teaching about the history of Halloween, and then having the students do a short Halloween skit with 8 roles, that was written by one of the other Amity teachers. A family of 4 (seated) prepare for the 4 trick-or-treater who arrive at the door.
This week we've been having a Halloween party with each class. The students have been very creative with costumes, like the Chinese tiger complete with paws.
We brought costumes for ourselves from the US, a Star Trek character for Daniel and a witch's hat for Diane. The rustic Chinese broom completed her outfit perfectly. We had the students judge the best costume, and gave a prize to the winner.
We played games, like stick the nose on the pumpkin ...
 ... and bobbing for apples, which we did as a speed competition with two students trying to get the first apple.
There were a lot of wet but happy faces.
The students really enjoyed the parties, and we think Halloween will catch on here. It's quite different than tradtional Chinese festivals, and has something for both children and adults. Our students may become teachers of Halloween to the next generation of Chinese.