22 June 2010

Wild Rose Country

We continue to spend time smelling the wild roses in Alberta. Increasingly energized, we spent time visiting grade school friends not seen since we switched from printing to writing, as well as with precious old friends and family who reassure us that it's possible to go home again.
At the lake where we first met at Camrose Lutheran College ("Lutefisk, lefsa, tack ska du ha! College, college, Ja ja ja!" ... class of '66).
And something new, the bold Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton. Just opened in January 2010, the architecture is outstanding and what hangs on the walls is pretty good too.
Taking a stroll along the ravine with Penny and Fritz, where the poplar tree fluff looked like snow.
It's amazing how a holiday like this can make a person feel years younger. We celebrated our 34th anniversary on 19 June, which turned out to be an auspicious day to get married, as evidenced by this picture of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel, AKA the Duchess and Duke of Vastergotland. May all our days ahead be happy ever after.