26 June 2010

Years and Miles

Since our last blog post and our anniversary celebration in Edmonton we've entered the 35th year of our marriage and turned 7500 miles on the odometer since leaving Houston. We connected with our Scandinavian heritage in Alberta, visited friends and family in Calgary, soaked in the Radium Hot Springs, crossed back into the USA and are pining for home, although that's more than a week away. Pines -- today (June 26) we visited Redwood National Park on the north coast of California, quite a contrast to the Canadian Rockies, the snow yesterday in Oregon and the scenery in BC and Washington before. I updated our trip map, http://persjohn.net/DTJbl/trip2010.png. The Stephansson house in central Alberta was the homestead of renowned Icelandic poet Stephan Stephansson who published most of his material while living here. Many immigrants to Alberta came from the Scandinavian countries, including some of our ancestors. http://culture.alberta.ca/museums/historicsiteslisting/stephanssonhouse/default.aspx
After a soak in the Radium Hot Spring and our last night in Canada, we crossed the border and had a picnic lunch on the grounds of the courthouse in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. I phoned my father who reminded me that we'd visited there on my first trip from Saskatchewan to Vancouver in 1954.
Driving south on highway 97 through Washington, we saw a sign for the Goldendale Observatory, and stumbled onto what was for many years the largest amateur (i.e. never used by professionals) telescope in the country, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldendale_Observatory_State_Park.
Along the Columbia River we found the Maryhill Museum of Art, http://www.maryhillmuseum.org/, where Diane and Fritz were enthroned in the sculpture garden.
Crater Lake - the deepest lake in the US. Not so obvious in this picture is the snow, which was still piled high.