26 March 2011

Bible School

The Baotou Bible School admitted its first class two years ago to train church workers in theology and leadership. The school is attached to one of the Christian churches but supported by all 100 churches and church meeting points in the district. This building houses the classrooms and dormitories, and there's also a cafeteria on campus.
Our friend Ruth shows Daniel the library. To attend, one must be a Christian for five years, have a letter of support from your pastor, and pass an admission test.
A hundred students attend this two year program. Ranging in age from 18 to 71, about 80% are women.
Ruth shows us her bed in the 10 person dormitory room. Married with a 12 year old son, she stays here during the week and goes home on the weekend.
Pastor Han is the director of the college and the only ordained person on staff. Since ordained people are rare, most Chinese churches are led by members with additional training as provided by the bible school. Church workers receive a stipend and rely upon family to support for their work.
The future leaders of the Christian church in China are coming from bible schools like this one.