22 March 2011

No Longer Notice

After 8 months in China, we no longer notice some things that used to surprise us. Every day we see men and children urinating in public. Diapers are rare, so parents toilet their toddlers on the street. Apparently back in the '50s this was such a problem that the government had a "public nuisance" campaign. But no longer.
This is our bedroom window ledge after a couple of days, and we have yet to see the real sand storms. Silt and soot are everywhere and in everything. Sigh.
We learned these are sidewalks for the blind. Somehow there's a bit of a gap between the idea and the implementation.
When you go to China Post (both a post office and a bank) to mail a package, you're given a sheet of plastic plus a needle thread to make your own mailer. Walking backwards is popular in China, and you often see older people taking a backward stroll. It's supposed to improve balance and cognition. Why not give it a try -- millions can't be wrong.