22 August 2011

China Farewell

Our 7 week summer vacation is drawing to an end, as is our year of living in China. And we bloggers will be taking a rest.
Shanghai was a great epilogue to our China experience. As this city model indicates, it's a unique combination of river (the Huangpu), gleaming skyscrapers, and the grand buildings along the Bund.On one side of the river is the modern China ...
... and on the other side is the Bund, representing old Shanghai and its development by the British, French, and other foreign Concessions. Our teaching colleague, Alison, found the site where her grandmother was born in 1904. 
We experienced Shanghai's nightlife with a view from the world's highest lounge, in keeping with China's fondness of being the biggest, fastest, and highest.
But somehow this picture best symbolizes the paradoxical China we've come to know over the past year.