13 August 2011


Japan has left quite an impression on us and we've thoroughly enjoyed our two and a half weeks here.
Hiroshima. Just over 66 years ago the world's first atomic bomb was dropped on this city. The Peace Memorial Park is a somber reminder, as the A-Bomb Domb testifies.
The museum has a powerful display of the city before and after the blast; this model shows the fireball and its devastating results. Given the March 2011 tsunami and subsequent nuclear reactor problems, nuclear energy is a hot topic in Japan. 
Back in Tokyo at the Contemporary Arts Museum we attempted an artful self portrait.
And met up with Kyoko, our Japanese exchange student from 21 years ago.
Our final day we walked in another one of Japan's incredible gardens, and here enjoyed the teahouse, site of a former shogun's estate in downtown Tokyo, and ...
... watched butterflies at work.
Daniel ponders as we get ready to leave. Sayonara!