25 April 2012

Be it ever so humble

From the south of China we get a very different view of the world; here are some pictures of our place.
Since the campus is on the edge of the city and we live on the edge of the campus, this rural view awaits us each day, to the sounds of crowing roosters. We've been watching this rice field get ready for planting.
One floor down we can see our neighbor's balcony, which like ours is the spot to dry clothes.
This is as posh as a candlelight dinner can get. The towels behind the man of the house indicate the location of the WC.
 The furnished three bedroom apartment is about 1000 sq. ft.
 And fresh flowers give it a homey touch.
This is the only room in the apartment with A/C; the rest of the place is cooled with fans and cross ventilation. 
 This is where we do our teacher work; the door to the right leads to the balcony.
Don't you just love to see a man at work in the kitchen?
And we celebrate the end each week with a martini. We do have an extra bedroom, so you're all invited to visit our home sweet home, China version.