08 April 2012


We enjoyed a recent visit to Beihai, a nearby port city; as Galveston is to Houston, Beihai is to Qinzhou.
Known as the Pearl City because of all the cultured pearl farms, you can even buy pearl powder which claims to give you lovely white smooth skin. 
We stayed in the Old Quarter, a moldering collection of colonnaded streets; it reminded us a bit of New Orleans.
Christianity was introduced here the end of the 19th century, and the small Beihai Christ Church continues to be active. 
The city's beach landmark is this large metal sculpture.
We strolled along Silver Beach on the Gulf of Tonkin (China's Beibu Gulf).
Viola (R), one of our co-teachers, is from Beihai so offered to be our guide; her childhood friend Grace was also a great host. 
We enjoyed this lovely sunset, followed by some of the local seafood -- a wonderful change from our usual routine.