08 May 2010

Diane and I share this blog, and committee composition doesn't seem appealing so we plan to alternate writing posts. We won't be rigorous 1, 2, 1, 2 ... but that's the general idea. I like text more, and her style is more like photos and captions. Our blog starts with our retirement road trip, leaving Houston May 3 and staying in Ft. Stockton, El Paso, Phoenix, Page (AZ, near Glen Canyon Dam), and tonight in Cedar City, Utah after driving through Zion National Park. I aim to do a map of our travels, like I did for my solo road trip in 2008:

The original version of this map is on our own website, at http://persjohn.net/DTJbl/trip.png, and my blog from that trip is http://persjohn.net/DTJblog.htm. We aim to post only once every week or two, so I don't want to promise too much.

I now have a 2010 map on my website; the first update looked like this:

The full-size current version is at: http://persjohn.net/DTJbl/trip2010.png Daniel, Cedar City, UT 2010-May-08.