20 May 2010

Salt Spring Island

Since our last blog post we acrossed the state of Washington and entered our home and native land to visit high school vintage friends in Oliver, BC, AKA the wine capital of Canada. We spent 5 nights with them, then drove to the coast to visit Daniel's father in Burnaby for a couple nights before taking the ferry to Salt Spring and Victoria. Diane in her biker chick (hen?) outfit with Ray; Daniel also got his chance to play born to be wild.
Their house is beside a lake where the fruit orchards are rapidly being replaced by vineyards.
Daniel and his Dad in bloom.
BC Ferries taking us to Salt Spring Island where we discovered farm eggs, artisan cheeseries, and tie dye clothing.
Our classmate from Camrose Lutheran College is a shipwright in the area. He built his own boat, the Gormenghast, 3 decades ago and sailed south.