31 May 2010

The Mighty Peace

Hub of the Peace, Rycroft, est. 1944 and home of my youth. The railroad bridge, about half a mile from the village (pop 600), was a great spot to flatten pennies.
My Mom, Eunice, celebrated her 80th. She had her first pedicure ("very nice but they charged too much") followed by a great smorgasbord dinner.
Busy as a beaver, as their work on this two-level dam attests.
British Columbia's newest and largest wind farm outside of Dawson Creek has 34 turbines purring -- we walked right up to them. Each is 82 m in diameter and can generate up to 3 MW.
The Johnson brothers and their wives in historic North Rolla Lutheran Church, est 1929 where their father once preached. "Amazing Grace' closed the annual service. Heated by a large drum stove and with a one-hole outhouse in the back, it's a gem. Later the Ladies' Aide served lunch, musicians tuned their guitars and violin, and there was even some dancing in the community hall/formerly one room schoolhouse.