31 October 2010

Halloween Party

Yesterday we brought a bit of western culture to Baotou Teachers' College. The sophomores decorated the room and about 150 of them came out for an evening of games, and of course lots of candy. Daniel looked and acted like a real ghoul while Diane had the perfect witch's broom, not to mention the nose. Everyone wanted to have their picture taken with these apparitions.
Pin the nose on the pumpkin was a popular game (the pumpkins here are rather small and used in the kitchen, so we didn't have any to carve or decorate). Also popular was musical chairs, candy toss, and pass the orange while the movie "Ghostbusters" was on.
Mummy decorating was a hit, and we went through rolls of toilet paper.
Two of our young faculty came out in costume -- Michael Jackson on the left and Marilyn Monroe on the right. And of course it wouldn't be Halloween without bobbing for apples. We had four bobbing stations and a few hundred apples. The students are already asking when we can do it again!