10 October 2010

Khan and Sand

As part of China's National week holiday we took in more of Inner Mongolia's sights. The Genghis Khan (1162-1227) Mausoleum is a bit of a misnomer since he isn't buried there, but hundreds of larger than life statues of soldiers on horseback and cattle pulling yurts is an impressive sight.
Sheep-herding dogs were part of the Mongol campaigns.
A large map relief shows the Mongol Empire which at one time occupied most of Central Asia and China.
Daniel treks across the singing sand dunes, which weren't humming much this time of year since it wasn't the right mix of humidity and temperature.
A camel train of tourists visit the dunes, with a railway tressle in the background. This is also the sight for the future high speed train which will make the Baotou to Beijing trip in a couple of hours compared to the current 12 hour journey.