06 October 2010

Mongolian Grasslands

A week-long holiday (National Day) gave us the opportunity to head north and visit the Mongolian grasslands. Blue sky, friends, and a new adventure -- what more could one ask for? We stayed with a family in one of their yurts (Mongolian colors are blue for sky and white for milk). Their horses, cattle, and sheep were friendly visitors too. We learned that "yurt" is a Russian word, the Mongolian word is "ger".
We mounted our horses and were off. We enjoyed the slow walk but the trotting and galloping exceeded our equestrian skills. And what's Mongolian for "Whoa"?
Since temperatures drop at night, we slept in our clothes under heavy blankets. Out on the plains the stars were beautiful, the Milky Way outstanding.
Fuel (dried cow dung) for cooking and heating.
Under the gaze of Genghis Khan, we enjoyed breakfast (millet, fried breads, and salted tea) with fellow travellers Lynnea and Tom, who are Amity teachers in the south of China.