16 July 2011

From North to South

We've been on the road for a week, making our way from the north to the south of China via trains and planes.
Our first stop was Xi'an, where we met up with our friend Hilary. We attended her wedding last January and since then she's been trying to get a teaching position (interviewers have said she's either too short or the wrong gender). 
This is the bus for Qinzhou University (the photo's not backwards but the sign is), where we will be teaching if we return for a second year. The city and university are of similar size to Baotou (3 m. and 10,000 students).
But the view from our housing is completely different, as we watched rice being planted. We're going from dry and cold to wet and hot.
We also said farewell to our travel companion William, who led the English Bible study we so much enjoyed in Baotou.
And then to Chongqing, one of China's megacities of over 30 m, where the air is thick all day. Shopping is the new liberation, as the relative size of the Liberation Monument and new shopping centers and towers attest.

We enjoyed an evening on the river admiring the lights, a foretaste of the Yangtze River boat cruise we start tomorrow.