08 July 2011

Goodbye to Inner Mongolia

The semester is over and we've been saying our farewells.
Daniel will miss being surrounded by a bevy of attentive students.
One of our teaching colleagues invited us to her home for a taste of Mongolian dishes ... delicious.
And the middle school teachers had us over, where we ate and sang (our contribution was "Happy Days are Here Again").
Students gave us lots of unique farewell presents. This is a cartoon of our family with the apples on the left representing our children and their children. So that's what we look like to them!
Daniel spied this BP sign so paid homage to his former employer.
July 1st was Canada Day (144 years) and the anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (90 years); here we are at the Red Museum.
The church Bible study group celebrated our departure with with food and games.
It's been an absolutely great year. We leave for several weeks of travel in China and Japan, and then to Houston  -- home sweet home!