07 July 2011

Home Visit

After finishing classes, our student and fellow-traveller invited us to visit her home.
Nicole shows us her family home, built a few years ago by her father and  brother.
Her 43 year-old mother, who cooks in a nearby restaurant, never attended school so is unable to read and write. She's deservedly proud of her college daughter.
School-approved hair styles for high school students.
We spent a day hiking sand dunes bordering the Gobi Desert.
A sand sculpture representing happiness.
Can you name all Seven Drawfs?
We were treated to a factory floor tour by her aunt who works at the Erdos Cashmere No. 2 Knitting Factory.
Slogan: Cod helps those who help themselves.
Karaoke came to China from Japan in the 1980s and was named KTV. In a private suite we gave our best impressions of ABBA while Nicole and her cousin preferred Ayong Zerang.
And no visit is complete without seeing one of China's "ghost cities." Money was poured into Kang Bashi, built by the government for 300,000 but housing only 30,000. Nicole's cousin is standing in front of the libraries, magnificent but almost empty.
Diane's 30-year old traveling bag gets a repair to continue the journey.