13 August 2010

First week

Amity was gentle with us the first few days and we did some sightseeing on Sunday afternoon, but everything changed Monday morning (Aug. 9) when we got down to work, with classes and teaching practice sessions. We've now finished our first week, adjusted to the time zone and ready for the weekend. Our first Sunday afternoon we visited the Ge Yuan Gardens, famous for its bamboo and rocks. The shade kept it relatively cool on a very hot day, temperature in the high 90's and humidity like Houston.
Diane and Iris along the bamboo path. Iris has helped us choose a Chinese name - when we're caligraphy pros we'll let you know.
The circular door symbolizes family unity.
Near Ge Garden is Yangzhou's old street, where former houses have been converted to shops. Our tutor Iris grew up in her grandparents' house on this street.
A surprise to us is women gathering to dance in the evening. This group was in the parking lot at the IT Mall -- it does indeed stand for Information Technology Mall, a computer store. The dance is the evening counterpart to tai chi, which is usually done in the morning.