21 August 2010

Last days in Yangzhou

We survived our two weeks of training in Yangzhou and took in some of the sights. A boat trip down Slender West Lake (it sounds more poetic in Chinese) helped us escape from the hot (95F/35C) and humid weather.
We now know all classical Chinese gardens must contain bamboo, weaping willow trees, rocks, and water.
Daniel is learning to write his Chinese name, which is Yang Danyi. Diane's Chinese name is Li Yaqi.
At the Da Ming Temple, built in the Song Dynasty (1048) we watched people burn incense to their ancestors. Westerners are pretty rare here, and one family took pictures of us with their little girl in front of the 30 ft high statues of Buddha.
Here's our group -- five teachers, eight young German volunteers, and the Chinese student tutors and program faculty. Armed with language lessons, culture classes, and teaching practice sessions, we're ready to go.