08 August 2010


We're starting with several weeks of training in Yangzhou, with an emphasis on teaching preparation and optional classes on language, caligraphy, music, and history. This banner greeted us in the classroom where we'll be most of the time. Three of us will continue as college teachers and the eight under-age-30 German students will work as young volunteers in middle schools.
Part of our group at the welcoming banquet, where we sampled about 20 different culinary specialties of the area. Local Chinese students are our tutors.
Escaping from the Houston-like heat and humidity, we shopped in the air-conditioned IT Mall and the newly opened Wal-Mart next door. Places like Pizza Hut here are really upscale.
Our tutor, Iris, is a journalism student at Nanjing University. She's helping us buy yummy steamed buns from a sidewalk vendor.
We worshipped in a 1930s church built by the Baptists, now part of the Christian Church in China. It's a large congregation (about 4000 members) with an wonderful music program. This selection sounded like "if you're happy and you know if clap your hands" -- we are, and we did.