31 August 2010

In Baotou

At the annual Amity Teachers Summer Conference in Nanjing we met all the returning teachers before dispersing to our schools on Aug. 26. Upon arriving in Baotou we were treated to a traditional hot pot meal. We're with the College foreign teacher liaison and a fellow teacher who's lived in China for a couple of decades and is our go-to expert.
All signs here are in the two official languages, Mongolian (curly script on the top line) and Chinese.
Daniel standing at the gate to our apartment; if the watermelon truck ever moves we'll be lost. Our flat has two bedrooms, most modern conveniences, and a challenging bathroom.
All students at this 4-year college live on campus, and it seems as though all 10,000 of them ride a bicycle, electric bike, or scooter.
We'll teach English writing and speaking to second-year students. Unlike American colleges where it's easier to be admitted than it is to graduate, China is very competitive so most of these students will be teachers in a few years. We find them very friendly and eager.